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Monday, January 5, 2009

Jon McLaughlin - OK Now [LP]

Download: MP3 Album / Bonus Tracks / AirRockStar Cover Art

Track Listing:
1. Beating My Heart Preview Track
2. 4 Years Preview Track
3. You Can Never Go Back
4. Things That You Say
5. The Middle
6. You Are The One I Love Preview Track
7. Always On My Mind
8. Dance Your Life Away Preview Track
9. Why I'm Talking To You
10. Throw My Love Around
11. We All Need Saving
12. Good Enough (Bonus Track)
13. Smack Into You (Bonus Track)

OK Now is the second full-length studio album from Jon McLaughlin. He is truly a great singer & songwriter! This album will take you on a ride! It has its ups and downs! Standout Tracks: "Beating My Heart, 4 Years, You Are The One I Love, & Dance Your Life Away" Enjoy!

"So what do you think? Spill it now!"


  1. Great CD and nice job on the cover! Jon is super talented!

    If you guys like the CD, PLEASE buy it or at least see him live. This guy deserves the success!

  2. I can't download the album cuz the i visited the sites and the folder doesn't exist. :(

  3. Odd... Fixing Broken Links now! :P

  4. when I first listened to him performing "So Close" from Echanted Movie, I said "wow, what a wonderful voice.. wonderful song" and now I downloaded this album waiting to hear something brilliant but It's VERY dissapointing the album, i didn't even find one good song.. even one.

  5. Give it another shot, It really grew on me. ^_^

  6. still a broken link on my end to.

  7. Thank you so much for the using jocky i hate it it.....BTW I LOVE THE COVER FOR Jon OK!!!

  8. Thanks, I'm Loving This Album

  9. For some reason when I click on the download links I get an 'cannot connect to server' error.
    Is anyone else having this problem?

  10. Yeah, I keep getting the same error. It's a shame because I really wanted this album.

  11. It was because ShareBee was down, but not anymore! :D

    DL and Enjoy! :P

  12. I hadn't heard of him until now. thanks for introducing me to this great singer! i'm going to buy his first one!

  13. I am not able to download the album. Is it still posted? I really like Jon and his music.

  14. Thanks!
    I've never hear about him, i'll see...

  15. for those that don't think this album is enough, you should try his first! that's what you call awesome!!! (:

  16. you know what's funny is I frequently visit this site, and I've seen this album a thousand times on here.. but I never thought to get it.

    Now here I am trying to download it after I saw Enchanted... silly me.