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Thursday, January 15, 2009

AirRockStar: A Night With You [LP]

Download: MP3 Album / AirRockStar Cover Art

Track Listing:
1. A Night With You - Electric Valentine Preview Track
2. Backstabber - Kesha Preview Track
3. Unstoppable ft. Lil Wayne - Kat Deluna
4. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson Preview Track
5. Joy Ride - The Killers
6. If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry
7. Beating My Heart - Jon McLaughlin
8. Viva La Vida - Coldplay
9. Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
10. You Belong To Me - Taylor Swift
11. Ice - Lights Preview Track
12. Eat You Up - BoA Preview Track
13. Circus - Britney Spears
14. Right Now (Na Na Na) - Akon
15. Starstruck ft. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida - Lady GaGa

It's that time again! Here is the latest mix featuring new music from Kelly Clarkson, Kat Deluna, The All-American Rejects & Britney Spears! Also featuring brand new acts: Electric Valentine, Kesha & BoA! Start this year off with a bang! You will love this mix! Enjoy!

"So what do you think? Spill it now!"


  1. Pointless. We want NEW ALBUMS NOW!!!

  2. Can I eat your cum Eric? PLEEZ im desperate. You are HOT!

  3. It says it needs a password.. what's the password to work?

  4. Wow, another excellent mix! New albums are great too, but well chosen mixes like this are what I really look forward to - you can't find it on any old torrent sit, they give you good variety for a car trip or the like, can expose you to something new you might not have tried otherwise, and give you a taste of the personality of the person who put the mix together. Keep 'em coming, Eric! And nice cover work, as usual.

  5. Can't wait to hear this mix. I loved your other ones! Plus I can't wait to hear the new Kelly Clarkson song! ^_^

    Can you link the Higher Quality album art. The link isn't working for me.

  6. Please help! I downloaded 2 Albums from this sit, and they both arnt working, it says it needs a password :(

  7. The passwords are all the same you idiots. Look around and you'll find it. LAME.

  8. This is the first time I download something from this blog... How can I just look around and find the password!! I know maybe I should just understand it in a way, but i dont :(

  9. it's right under the dl link...>_>

  10. Girl! UR such a backstabber! i <3 that song!! Kesha needs all the promotion she can get so good 4 u eric to include her in the new compilation =D

  11. Kesha is in a new song by Flo Rida called Right Round if people want to check it out.

  12. gr8 mix!! love it
    just one thing...taylor swifts song is you belong with me...not you belong to me ;)

  13. you must up the files to a rapidshare premium or free acc or the files cud loded once a time (10 People) (i cant download it and the other hosters are sick)