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Thursday, December 6, 2007

WOW! 100,000+ Visitors In Two Months!

Freakin' amazing! ULT just opened about two months ago and we already passed 100,000 visitors! I wanted to take a min and thank everyone of you that have visited daily to make this happen! I love bringing you the best music with a special touch that no other blog can bring you, my AirRockStar custom cover arts! I am planning on doing more covers for previous albums so stay tunned for them. Also very shortly Kevo (El Chiko Kevo) and I are going to be running an Exclusive Remix Contest for J.Lo's "Hold It Don't Drop It" only on SIN (Spill It Now). So keep an eye out for that also! Thank you everyone!

Special Thanks To: Timmy, Din, Loys, Chris, Cody, Kevo, Gerald, Dave, Anthony, Kent, Jonny, Ali, Kevin, Jesse & Everyone on SIN!

"Congratulate ULT! Spill it now!"


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