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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ferras - Aliens & Rainbows [LP]

Download: MP3 Album / AirRockStar Cover Art

Track Listing:
1. Liberation Day
2. Aliens & Rainbows
3. Something About You
4. Hollywood's Not America
5. Everybody Bleeds the Same
6. Rush
7. My Beautiful Life
8. Soul Rock
9. Blame, Blame, Blame
10. Dear God
11. Don't Give Up
12. Take My Lips

Discover Ferras! This debut album is packed full of catchy and well-written Pop Rock songs. The album's first single, "Hollywood's Not America" was featured on American Idol and shot up the charts in early 2008. Standout tracks include: "Liberation Day, Hollywood's Not America, Rush and Blame, Blame, Blame" Enjoy!

"So what do you think? Spill it now!"


  1. Thanks for this Eric! Where do you discover all these music stuff? I love the cover, very bright and simple (:

    Take care,

  2. I love that album so much.... and love your cover

  3. Enjoy the album, guys! ^_^